Общая информация о том, что такое асфальтосмесительные заводы

Asphalt plants are engineered plants which were created especially to produce hot asphalt. To generate the asphalt, the plant must use raw materials like sand, fillers, bitumen, and aggregates. However, most of these has to be added in specific proportions to make quality products. Continue reading when we discuss all that you should understand about asphalt mixing plants.
One of the main highlights of the plant is it easily heats the aggregates before mixing them with the bitumen and adhesive products. In this section of the process, aggregates should be sized uniformly in order to then be employed along with other materials that could come in several orientations. Both of these are then together with coarser particles and fillers to generate top-quality asphalt.
Typically, batch mix plants often contain a number of components. The first main one is the cold aggregate feeder bin. As the name suggests, materials are kept in them and so are then separated as outlined by their sizes. The feeder belts are located underneath the bins and a specially designed conveyor.
The conveyor is commonly used to advance aggregates(cantidad sustancial de asfalto) from a single belt to some engineered drying system. Materials are then shipped to a vibrating screen where they are separated depending on how small or big they can be. Within the drying drum, there is a burner that removes the moisture before transporting them to get the desired mixing temperature.
After this is done, these are then sent in a tower where they move through a couple of different layers. The very first is another vibrating screen that separates them to allow them to be stored in accordance with their sizes. Next portion of the process, they can be stored in accordance with size in different bins.
These bins are termed hot bins and they are located just under the screening unit. When aggregates are placed from the bins, they may be held for a time before they may be mixed according to weight. After the mixing and weighing process(comprar equipo), this will make it finally released into the mixing area of the plant. Both filler and bitumen are then released in to the unit when they are weighed.
After mixing, the new mixture is released in to the silo or trucks. To conform to environmental standards, special control devices that control the pollution released into the atmosphere are equipped into the plant. However, most asphalt plants usually use filter bag units as it is less expensive.
As soon as the bags happen to be in use, fines are passed through them. During the process, the bags trap dust inside. Right after the asphalt plant filtered the fines, the dust is collected and then reintroduced into the elevator that runs for the aggregates.
Since we conclude, we have now just checked out what asphalt mixing plants are. We've also just investigated some additional information on how they work. If you're considering expanding your company, an asphalt plant just might be a good investment. However, you'll want to look for a reputable supplier before you can purchase plant.

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